Thursday, December 4, 2008

The other sister's wedding

If you've been following my blog, a couple of months ago I had two sisters who were getting their engagement photos done and I was trying to give them each their own unique session. Well each sister got married a month apart, the last one, Annette, got married Nov. 1.

And she had a request, she HAD to have a photo just like her sister got at her wedding, and here it is:

Annette & Tim got married at Fleming Island Golf Club. They were married inside the clubhouse and we took their family photos on the golf course.

This one is a cropped in shot of the ring exchange at the wedding. I was about 30 feet away, at least, and if you blow this photo up the writing inside the ring is clearly visible and sharp. I was amazed. It's hard to get a ring shot like that. Might have to blow this one up to poster size. I love my zoom lense!

This one is an infrared shot, makes it a bit moody. I love the attitude of the foot positioning, etc.
Another shoe shot. She had put these in her chair during the reception.

When I was doing the ring shots, Annette asked me to take the hankies from each of the guys in the wedding party as she wanted a photo of them together.
The sisters, doing what they do best, being sisters! I think they were doing the Chicken dance in this shot.
The couple doesn't golf, but being on a golf course, I had to steal a golf cart for a couple of shots. LOL, I didn't actually steal it, Annette's sister went and got it for us. I figured this is a nice end shot for this post.