Monday, December 8, 2008

The Stephens' Christmas Session(s)

I met Kathy earlier this year when she booked me to photograph her wedding vow renewal. Since then I have done several sessions for her family. The most recent being their Christmas session, err sessionS.

Kathy, like most women, including myself, is extremely particular about how she looks. The first session we did all in studio with some props that I had and she brought. But after the session Kathy confessed that she loves my outdoor style of photos better and felt that her family's expressions, etc. weren't at it's best on the first session. So we booked her for a reshoot with the majority of the photos happening outside our studio.

This shot is from her first session. And I love the closeness of her family.
This is from her second session. Kathy liked the frame she had seen used in other sessions I'd done and wanted some photos of her own done that way.
And of course our outside session. A version of this next photo is on their Christmas card.
A vintage coloring. Kathy's son is autistic and it is sometimes a bit of a game for me to get him smiling.
Typically, once a week I have 1-2 interns come in to help me around the studio while I teach them photography. The Stephens were in the day both my interns were in. Jezzika caught this photo of me photographing the Stephens family.

And here's one of the photos I took from that set up while Jezzika photographed me.