Saturday, January 31, 2009


If you aren't familiar with www.Etsy.com it's a place for ALL handmade stuff. So if you make things, or like to support small businesses, go check it out. It's not your grandma's arts and crafts!

I found this cool blog the other day it's called An Etsy Wedding, where she posts wedding related stuff she found on Etsy. I mean, you can buy wedding dresses and rings on Etsy from all the really cool and talented people on there.

Check out the blog: http://etsywedding.blogspot.com/2009/01/more-handmade-wedding-dresses-under-500.html

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I think I have everything back up and running normally. Email is working fine again. Everything seems to be back on my calendar.

I have another huge sinus infection. I have a shoot today and tommorow, I MIGHT have photos from them to post, not sure yet though, as they are boudoir and I never know how sexy those pics will be! May be too hot to blog. LOL.

Sunday I spent ALL day out scouting state parks, so I'll post pics of those soon. Other than that, most of my pics I've been working on lately are for magazines and can't be published on the blog.

Did a story with photos for the Times Union last week about kids at Annie R. Morgan and their election day activities. If it hasn't ran yet, it'll probably run today. I REALLY need to work on my other Times Union story and get that done.

Monday, January 26, 2009

If you have an appointment...

My calendar got deleted, so I am working to make sure all the appointments are back in there. However, just in case I missed someone, please message me to confirm your date/appointment.

I'm just asking as a safety measure. I would appreciate it.

Thank you!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New life, new places

First and foremost, as promised, photos of the new baby! My friend Rachel actually had twins, but this one is the only one that wasn't in NICU when I stopped by. Look how tiny the fingers!

Speaking of babies, I got word through the grapevine that my client Alicia (who was in my last pregnancy post) is in labor today! So congrats to the new mommies!

And now for other new stuff. The last two weeks I've been finding lots of interesting places to shoot. Here's some of them, watch for them to show up in new posts soon!

I see a modeling session here in the future! Anyone got a pilot's hat or outfit?

This would be awesome for an engagement session.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Been kind of hectic

I've had some magazine work I've been doing the last two weeks, still have tons of pics I need to edit and ship to the appropriate publications. One of my girlfriends had twins this week, so the baby blankets I thought I had another month to finish had to be done in a day, lol! (Will post baby pics next!) And then today...

I've always enjoyed doing volunteer work. I grew up with the understanding that no matter how bad off you were, there was always someone else having a worse time. One of my soft spots has always been animals. Dogs and cats (and many other animals) don't choose the house they live in or how they are treated and it amazes me how cruel people can be. Today I went to the Clay County Animal Care & Control and photographed some dogs and cats that were on their way to be put down if they don't get adopted out ASAP. While I was there they were euthanizing a bunch of animals. Broke my heart.

There was also a huge grey and black dog, Great Dane I think, who was one of the abuse cases (alot of abuse/neglect cases there) and poor guy was so skiddish, stayed as far from me as he could. People can be so mean.

If you have the room, please consider going to the pound and adopting one of these guys! Email me at Writingarticles@aol.com (my regular email is still acting funny, should be fixed soon) and I'll send you larger pics if you need them. I might start doing a pet of the week thing.

My assistants were busy today and the shelter was understaffed so I couldn't open up the cages to shoot, I had to shoot through the mesh, so excuse the cage lines. Something's better than nothing, if it saves one of these guy's lives!

NOTE: The cat room had a bunch of kitties that weren't on my list to photograph. They may be new and not quite ready for adoption or waiting to see if anyone claims them. If you like one, call anyways, just in case!

INFO if you want to adopt! (They have horses there!)
3984 State Road 16 West
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043
Phone:(904) 269-6342
(904) 284-6342
(352) 473-2112
Office Hours:
Tuesday - Friday10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

Monday, January 12, 2009

Book NOW for Valentine's Day

If you want boudoir photos to give to your man on Valentine's Day, NOW is the time to book.

I have limited availability the weekends of Jan 24-25 and Feb 7-8 if you need a weekend appointment. Weekdays and evenings there are a couple of openings. If you need hair or makeup done in studio, let me know ASAP so I can arrange that for you. Call or email to set up an appointment today!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Email frustrations

Soooo, if you have tried to email me in the last couple of days it probably hasn't gone through.

My email is acting crazy. My website was down for a bit too. Should be back up and normal now.

I'm in the process of fixing it.

My backup email is Writingarticles @aol .com no spaces.

I hate google apps!

In other news, I had to go shoot a magazine cover today and found some awesome locations that I'll def. be going back to for a shoot! Will post sneak peaks soon.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Photographer's Choice

When you go to a store you'll often find a "manager's special" or something similar. Well, I've decided to do my own "manager's special" except I'm calling it "photographer's choice."

Here's the deal:Every month or so, I'm going to offer a special where you'll get a great deal on a shoot if you are open to something unique and different. I love to let my creative juices flow and try new things and new locations, so here's your chance to take advantage of that!

Please note, to take part in this special, photographer will let you know 1-3 locations/ideas she has. If you are looking for awesome and interesting images to add to your portfolio, this will be your chance at a great savings.

January 2009 Special
Must be booked THIS month (to shoot this month or next)
with deposit of 50% down.
Models & Musicians
Up to 2 looks.On location (Westside or downtown location most likely)Your 4 favorite images on CD to print from as you wish.This session typically runs for $349. This month ONLY $200!

Band shoot: Marion Crane

Over the weekend I photographed the band Marion Crane in studio. They are an alternative/metal band here in town.

Nice guys, hard to keep them from laughing.

This one has a special effect on it I call bleach byp.
Infrared version of one of their pics. I love infrared on the right photo.

This one was their favorite shot, they especially liked the vintage coloring.
Other than that, I've been busy, busy, working on updating packages and the website. Hope you enjoyed your new year and weekend!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Looking for a dress?

Just found this:


This should take you to the Jax dresses:


Friday, January 2, 2009

My favorite wedding images from 2008

In no way can I put a photo from EVERY wedding I shot last year, nor ALL my favorites, but there are a few that stood out to me for whatever reason.

These are in no particular order.

Kathy & Wayne had their vow renewals done in St. Augustine. We spent several hours before the ceremondy shooting. I love this one because of the pattern to the back and the intimacy of the couple.

Kathy had some gorgeous flowers, and I loved the butterfly. These were sitting on the table outside.

I really liked her cake shot as well. Overall, it was a nice looking cake and the photo just stood out to me as a classic shot.
Earlier this year Stephanie and her fiance at the time had me photograph their wedding outside of Savannah in a military museum. It had this cute little chapel and then the reception was in the museum.

Stephanie had a gorgeous set up of food and I loved these strawberries with the ring.

This couple got married at Queen's Harbor and I just loved this shot of her coming down the aisle with her dad.
Very rarely do all the bridesmaids take part in helping the bride put on the dress, and I just loved this shot.
Since I started off doing black and white photography, I have a soft spot for a good black and white and I love shots where you can see the emotion and feeling in them or couples interacting.

I took this shot two ways, one with the couple in focus and one with the cake topper in focus. I love how the lights pop in the background.

Mike owns Jaxnotary.com and he actually officiated the wedding above this one. He also called me one day when HE was getting married.
Mike & his bride were married at Starbucks, you'll have to look for the older post for the whole story.

Another close up shot with lots of emotion.

David got Marquita with the cake and she just gave me the look and I grabbed it. I love her expression and the fun emotion of the photo.

This one was at the San Sebastian Winery in St. Augustine, obviously!

The light coming out the back really makes this photo to me. Not only does it light up the bride's mother but it adds an extra element to the photo. It wasn't done on purpose though, a relative of the groom was snapping a way and it was his flash going off.

Carolyn & David got married at the Ribault Club near Kingsley Plantation. I love this shot with David's mother and grandmother pinning the lace of an old wedding dress to the new one.

On the wedding day it started raining right before the ceremony and they were getting married out back under some trees. Carolyn was looking out and stressing as the planner was talking to her. I noticed she would chew on her fingers whenever she was stressing or thinking.

At Natalie & Shiloh's wedding in Georgia, the groom was so excited and showing me details from the wedding, including these M&Ms with their info on it.
They were standing off talking when I snapped this one. I just love the look in her eyes and the smile lingering on both of them.

With this one, the bride & groom got married out of the country and came back home for their reception. I loved this shot on their deck.

I'm a sucker for interesting ring shots.

The two sisters. There's another post about these sisters. I photographed their weddings a month apart from each other. And both sisters loved this shot.

I love the heart detail on the ring in this one.

I loved this shot because in a big size you can see the writing inside the ring, nice and clear.

A wedding at Ponte Vedra Club.

A cake from a beach wedding.

This is one of my favorite weddings this year. The setting at Fort Clinch was gorgeous, the sky was a beautiful blue and the couple was open to posing. Here they throw rocks into the water as they make a wish.

This next was is just moving to me. Stephanie told me that when she got cancer her husband decided he wanted to renew their vows. She thought it was a very sweet thing to do. After the wedding, she removed her wig for this shot.