Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Baby!

I was hoping to do a couple of posts before the new year of my favorite pics from the year, but time ran out. So, I guess I'll get to it soon.

For right now though, since it's a new year, I thought pregnancy pictures and the thought of new life would be an appropriate post.

I photographed Alicia & Pete's wedding last year and soon after they announced to everyone they were pregnant. Well Alicia came in recently to do her pregnancy pics and she is due any day now!

I love playing with lighting on the pregnancy shots to really show off the angle of the belly. Plus, it kind of looks like a photo of the moon, doesn't it?
Alicia is on my Myspace page, so I made her an image like this to put on her page.

Cute little horsey!

When you have a hot pregnant woman who has long hair and is open to posing, you have to get some great sexy momma shots with the hair strategically placed. And I did! But alas, Alicia didn't think Pete would like everyone seeing those. And I don't blame her. At some point we all feel a little too overexposed!