Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I think I have everything back up and running normally. Email is working fine again. Everything seems to be back on my calendar.

I have another huge sinus infection. I have a shoot today and tommorow, I MIGHT have photos from them to post, not sure yet though, as they are boudoir and I never know how sexy those pics will be! May be too hot to blog. LOL.

Sunday I spent ALL day out scouting state parks, so I'll post pics of those soon. Other than that, most of my pics I've been working on lately are for magazines and can't be published on the blog.

Did a story with photos for the Times Union last week about kids at Annie R. Morgan and their election day activities. If it hasn't ran yet, it'll probably run today. I REALLY need to work on my other Times Union story and get that done.