Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crazy day in the neighborhood

It was supposed to be a quiet day. We have our friend's daughter Calista staying the night and woke up and went to McDs for breakfast and then headed out to the Alpaca (like a sheep but with a long neck) show at Cecil Field. On the way out my husband asked if I had my cell I said no. He wanted to turn around and go get the phones and I said "no, it's Saturday, don't worry about it," and then I added, "watch the world will fall apart while we are gone."

So we came home about an hour ago and upon turning onto our road saw firetruck lights. Reassuringly there wasn't any smoke and the truck wasn't directly in front of our house.

We see a cop car at our neighbor's house, which isn't unusual and we stop and ask the lady on our road what's going on, since our driveway was blocked (she lives catty corner from us and her son lives next to our property). She says that a crazy lady was walking down the road the last couple of days and she ended up pulling a knife on a cop and they tazed her in our backyard.

So we pull the car into my inlaws driveway (who live next to us) and sure enough, there's 2 cop cars in the very back of our property and another cop car stuck in the soft mud right behind the house. I get out of the car, and start walking for the house when I hear an officer saying my name, it's my good friend BJ, whom I've known for almost 10 years. He managed to get his car stuck in my backyard. (Which was good, as it gave us a chance to catch up while waiting for the tow truck.)

Apparantally, a 27-year-old woman said our neighbor, her ex, was holding her hostage for a week and she called the cops to say she had no eyes and no brain. The 8-year-old girl, Calista, that we were watching asked us why she would say that. I asked her if she had the DARE program at school and then explained, THAT's why you don't do drugs, because you do crazy stuff like that.

You can see the crazy lady in the very back, sitting on the ground.

Yep, he's stuck, the front bumper was on the ground! LOL. He felt so bad, he offered to get the shovel and bury the hole.

After everything, I went into the house and there was a message on the phone from BJ saying "Christy, I know you think nothing happens in your neighborhood, but it does. We've got a crazy woman on the back of the property and I'm stuck in your yard. But your father in law and your dog are keeping me company." He finished by telling me he had hoped to knock on the door and ask for cookies. LOL.

(Edited to say, BJ didn't hear anything about her pulling a knife, only that she had one in her purse and that she wasn't tazed as far as he knows.)


Mrs. Andi said...

Holy crap, that is crazy!!!! We are also paranoid about leaving without one of our cell phones, always for the "just in case" moment.