Thursday, February 5, 2009

Is it Feb. already?

January has flown by. It's hard enough to believe it's 2009, but Feb?!

I have been bad and haven't updated my blog in a week and no new pics in awhile. I've had 5 sessions in the last week, plus working on newspaper stuff, so I've been keeping quite busy.

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and two of the sessions I can't really post until after that. One I may not post at all. I love boudoir sessions and I try to be VERY discreet about which photos are allowed to go online for all to see, but especially when it comes to teachers or government employees (police, fire, etc.) I try to watch what I put up. So, we'll see.

Let's start with the family session I did.

I am the eldest of 5 so dog piles were always a chance you took if you laid flat on the ground growing up. Had to edit out mommy's arm on this one as she was holding baby up there. (Vintage filter.)
Check out these sisters. How cute is that:

Mom wanted a photo of the baby with the sucker in her mouth, but the baby wasn't really game.

I've had these boas since before I opened the studio, but every once in awhile they come in handy!

First birthday photos. Oh so fun, oh so messy!

I just love this one. If this family buys an album, this would be perfect for the last page, baby just crawling off set, like "I'm done."