Sunday, March 1, 2009

I love Irish boys in kilts

Went to the Highland Games yesterday at the Clay County Fair. I'm not Scottish that I know of, but one of my grandmothers came over from Ireland, and there were LOTS of people there with Irish roots. Including Staci (Makeup Expressions by Staci) and her husband Stephen and their little boy Xander:

They had tons of vendors, including lots of awesome jewelry. I love celtic knots. I have a small celtic cross that I often where to weddings that I got from Ireland. I spotted some gorgeous engagement rings with celtic knots going down the side and then you purchase your diamond of choice. If only I had known about those rings when I got engaged. They were to die for.

My husband Andy came along, although he is def. not Irish or Scottish. He does love music and did appreciate the bag pipe demonstrations. I don't have any rhythm and couldn't play an instrument to save my soul, but I do love bagpipe. It just speaks to your core, to my heritage.

One of my fondest memories, is being in Savannah, Ga. for St. Patty's Day (which has the 2nd largest celebration in the US and looks a lot like what I imagine Mardis Gra does) and walking arm and arm with my best friends Nicky & Lea, following a group of bagpipers. The sound just echoed and everyone was walking behind them in the middle of the night, living that same moment, feeling the music reverberate inside them. Everything just felt so perfect.

Almost 3 years ago I went to Ireland for a little over a week and stayed in a lot of hostels. There was an older man in our group who lived in Australia but was born in Ireland. I was in my hostel one night and he was in there and asked if I minded if he practiced the bagpipes. Of course, I didn't mind at all. I mean, comeon, here I was in Ireland, getting my own private concert. How awesome is that.

But I drone on. I have more photos of the Highland Games, I might post some more another day.


Mrs. Andi said...

That looks cool, I wish I had known about it! We're strongly considering Ireland for our honeymoon.