Monday, March 23, 2009

Michelle's Family Portrait

If you've ever been to my office, you know that you enter through the Brightway Insurance entrance. Michelle Jeralds (pictured below) owns the branch where my office is. This sometimes confuses people abit, and I understand. She didn't need the entire space she rented so I rent part of it and we share a common lobby area. There was only room on top for her name, but my logo is on the right hand window when you come in.

Michelle has been wanting her family photos done for awhile now and just finally came in this month. She's not very traditional and neither am I, but we both loved the more moody lighting in the first one:

Her son Jase was all over the place--probably because he was def. used to the office and had seen all the toys and props many times. Had to do some creative manuevering to catch him.

Michelle's husband is training to be police officer and had just purchased some nice black handcuffs, of course Jase had no problem trying them out for photos.

Michelle really wanted some photos outside, and luckily our location provides a nice backdrop within walking distance. Jase didn't want to smile, but his playing sure got mommy and daddy a smiling!

And not to sound like a commercial, but when I moved my office and studio in to Michelle's Brightway location I had her check on the price of home and car insurance and she saved me over $600 a year! So give her a call: (904) 378-3003 or send her an email: michelle@brightwayinsurance.com