Monday, March 2, 2009

My little monkey secret

I'm the kind of person that can't sit still. I have to be constantly doing something. At night, when I'm not editing your beautiful photos, I'm at home likely sewing. I sew while I watch TV or movies in bed.

I remember being in middle school and sewing pillows. I love being creative (obviously, I'm a photographer!) and making stuff.

I'm slowly coming off my sock monkey kick. I had been sewing quite a few lately. In fact this is just a few of them I had at one point:
I make them for my neices, nephews, friend's kids and I also sell them. I used to not be a big sock monkey fan, but after I started making them, I fell in love with them.

Little Jaguar monkey:

And my latest monkey--Sherbert!

I've also been making mosters and sock chickens!

Figured I should post some sort of photos today, so there ya go! If you like the monkeys and monsters or just want to see some of the other stuff I make after hours, check out Cheeky Monkey Creations.