Friday, June 26, 2009

Businesses are closing

I posted this on Myspace, but I figured it was worth repeating here... (I'll post pics soon, I promise!)

In the small plaza where I have my studio 4 businesses have closed over the last year. The economy is bad and we are all hurting, but we also have to do our part to support small business owners.

Why? Because they are your neighbors, your parents, your siblings. They also supply numerous jobs to people all around you. When one little company goes under it hurts a lot of people.

Another good reason to shop local? Choices. While many people love Walmart, just by supporting Publix instead for your grocery needs supports a smaller business and helps save jobs.

Personally, I find that Publix has friendlier employees and you can't beat their buy one get one free sales every weekend. But if we stop shopping those smaller businesses, they will leave. It happens in towns all across America and in our own town.

You may say "who cares" but this allows the bigger stores to then up their prices because they don't have anyone to compete with. Walmart is known for this.

Are you a small business owner? Then you, especially, should be supporting small businesses.
So look around you. Look in your own neighborhood, even here on Myspace, find those small businesses and support them! Find those hole in the wall restaurants, those unique gift shops and other places and show your support! You'll be helping yourself in the end.

For those of you who have made it through this, THANK YOU! For those of you that have shopped a local or small business lately, THANK YOU.

And for those of you that are my clients, THANK YOU. Without you, I am nothing.

So, tell a friend. Tell them about me, tell them about someone else. Just tell them about that awesome small business owner you know! You will be helping your community, I promise.



Cindy said...

I totally agree!! Thanks for spreading the message.