Monday, June 1, 2009


Earlier this month I did a roadtrip with my mom up to North Carolina to see my brother's first child. So without further adieu, introducing...

The above is a a blanket I made for her and hand stitched her name into the "H," thus creating "Haley." I am by no means great at embroidery or sewing, but I get by. I would probably get by a lot better if my Singer sewing machine acted decent. Seems my Brother sewing machine worked much better and didn't give me quite as many problems.

My brother is a fireman. We got a couple of shots of the baby with one of his old helmets, but we worried about chemicals on his uniform or current helmets so didn't do anything to cute with that theme. I did like this with his fireman tattoo though.
This is my brother Daniel and his wife Stephanie.

A friend painted the baby's room with cute little flowers. The blanket wrapped around Haley was crocheted by our grandmother Elaine.
It's been one of those months, have had tons of family things to do. Figured I would at least share these pics with you. Will update soon with other stuff, including my new addiction, lol.