Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Sweet Art Shop

So, it's been a busy and hectic couple of weeks. Tons of photo shoots and I've been updating EVERYTHING--business cards, postcards, and the website (which I'm still waiting to hear back from the web designer).

But a sweet spot in the last couple of weeks, Gabby came in with some GORGEOUS and TASTY cakes. I am a sucker for color and she didn't dissapoint...
These lady bugs were ADORABLE. And the only thing not edible was their little antennae!

The daisy cupcakes had chocolate ganache under the flower, yummy!

I used one of the cupcakes for Crusita's 2nd birthday photo shoot. She loved them!

Check Gabby out at www.SweetArtShop.com and tell her Christy sent you! She makes everything from cupcakes to wedding cakes.