Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Fantasy in Flowers

I've been blessed with the opportunity to work with and meet Susan of A Fantasy in Flowers out of Mandarin several times in the last couple of months and I thought I'd share a couple shots from those sessions.

Most recently, I ran into Susan at the bridal show at UNF about a week ago and when she was packing up she gave me this gorgeous sunflower bouquet! Let me say that I'm not a huge fan of sunflowers. However, something about this bouquet really struck me. It was firm, hefty and filled with a bold yellow color. I am in love!

I mean wouldn't this bouquet look gorgeous for a summer wedding?

Seriously, I would have never thought of a sunflower bouquet and I have NEVER seen one. It made a gorgeous arrangement at the studio for a week!

I also did Susan's headshots last month and these are some of the shots from those flowers. Susan brought a family heirloom ring that she wanted me to photograph as well so I'm including some of those shots too:

This one is Susan's ring:

Isn't that ring pretty? I love it! I love very contemporary stuff but I am falling in love with vintage rings like this!

Need flowers for a birthday, Mother's Day, wedding or whatever? Give Susan a call, tell her Christy Whitehead sent you!

A Fantasy in Flowers
9891 San Jose Blvd Ste 7,
Jacksonville, FL 32257